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An updated version of the Sonoma County Superintendent’s Policy Manual is available online. This is the only version of the Manual that should be consulted for reference. Paper copies and out-of-date PDFs should be discarded. The online Manual is kept up-to-date and you should always refer to the current version to ensure that you have accurate information.

Questions about the Policy Manual should be directed to the County Superintendent’s office at (707) 524-2603.

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Forms are provided as PDFs unless otherwise noted. If you are having trouble saving information on a PDF form, save the blank form to your desktop first. Close your browser window and open the form on your desktop using Acrobat Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Using Preview is not recommended. In order to maintain a clean master, Save As and rename the form before you fill it in.

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Human Resources

Accepting Applications, Certified Policy
Administering Employment Contracts and Agreements Policy
Advanced Step Placement Request
Alternate and Flexible Work Schedules for Non-Supervisory Certificated Staff
Alternate and Flexible Work Schedules for Non-Supervisory Classified Staff (Policy)
Announcing Employment Opportunities
Applying for Retiree Benefits Policy
Arranging for a Substitute Policy
Arranging for Catastrophic Leave Policy
Assigning Inconsistent Duties, Classified
Assignment Request Form
Blue Shield Enrollment Form
Calendar 2016-17
Calendar 2017-18
Calendar Change Form
Checking References Policy
Clarifying Supervisor Expectations Policy
Completing the Summative Evaluation
Complying With the Pre-Employment Physical Requirements Policy
Conducting a Performance Appraisal Policy
Conducting and documenting oral interview policy
Conducting Group Orientation (Policy)
Conducting Pre-Employment Tests, Certificated Policy
Creating a New Position Policy
Deferred Net Pay (10 Month)
Deferred Net Pay (11 Month)
Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace policy
Employee Application Form Classified Form
Employee Checkout Sheet Form
Employee Checkout/ Exiting Employment Policy
Employee Injury report
Employing Part-Time Student Helpers Policy
Employment Application Form Certificated Form
Employment Application Form Substitute Form
Employment Lists: Classified Policy
Ensuring Evaluator Competence
Ergonomic Evaluation Form
Evaluation Form Templates 2017
Extended Leave Request Form
Extended Leave Request Policy
Extending or Changing Work Year
Filling Vacant Positions
Flexible Work Schedule
Fulfilling Civic Responsibilities
Handling Grievances
Health and Safety Award Nomination Form
Healthcare and Emergencies Policy
Holding a Performance Conference
IA Process Packet 2017
Implementing Classified Discipline Procedures Policy
Implementing Telecommuting Procedures Policy
Interns/ Student Teachers Policy
Interviewing Final Candidates
Kaiser Change Form
Kaiser Enrollment Form
Life Insurance Form
Maintaining a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy
Management Calendar (Scheduling the Management Work Year) Policy
Notifying and Training Employees About Exposure Risks Policy
Observing Performance and Gathering Data Policy
Obtaining Fingerprints for Employment Clearance Policy
Orienting Employees to the Appraisal Process Policy
Payroll Warrants Policy
Personnel Commission
Placing Review Materials in Personnel File Policy
Policy: Implementing Progressive Discipline
Position Recruitment Request Form
Predesignation Form
Preparing Interview Panel Policy
Preparing Job Descriptions policy
Processing Delay Status Claims Policy
Projecting Staffing Levels Policy
Providing References Policy
Providing Substitute, Temporary, and Overtime Pay Policy
Public Meetings Policy
Quarantine for a Pandemic Policy
Reassigning or Transferring Staff Policy
Recruitment Procedure List
Reducing Risk of Communicable Disease Policy
Reporting Job-Related Injuries, Illnesses or Exposures
Request to Register Personal Property Policy
Requesting Job Share Policy
Requesting Leave or Vacation Time Policy
Requesting Personal Necessity Leave Policy
Requests for Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Requests for Religious Accomodation
Responding to the Death of an Employee Policy
Returning to Work with Medical Restrictions Policy
Safety Credit Fund Request Form
Salary Schedules and Placements Policy
SCOE Labor Management
SCOE/ SEIU Labor Management Committee Input Form
Screening Applications Policy
Setting Performance Standards Policy
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Sexual Harassment/ Resolving Sexual Harassment Complaints Policy
Studying Positions and Duties Policy
Suspected use/ influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty: Guidelines for Administrators Policy
Teaching Assistant, Specialized Services
Testing for Tuberculosis
Training on Safe Work Practices Policy
Training on Safe Work Practices Policy
Travel and Communicable Diseases Policy
Travel Reimbursement Policy
Using the Employee Assistance Program Policy
Working out of Class

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