Sonoma County Office of Education


Certificated Job Descriptions

Certificated jobs are teaching and administrative positions that require a credential. The terms and conditions of employment for non-management positions are largely guided by applicable bargaining agreements. SCOE’s current certificated positions are listed below.

Adult Education Corrections
Adult Education Teacher

ASCOE: Teacher, Nurse, Speech Therapist
Community School Teacher
Community School Teacher-Independent Study
Court School Teacher
Resource Specialist Teacher
School Nurse
Special Education Teacher, APE
Special Education Teacher, DHH
Special Education Teacher, EBD
Special Education Teacher, MF
Special Education Teacher, Orientation & Mobility
Special Education Teacher, Preschool
Special Education Teacher, SD
Special Education Teacher, SD Autism
Special Education Teacher, VI
Special Education Teacher, Workability
Speech Therapist
Teacher, Assistive Technology
Teacher, ELD
Teacher, RSP

Career Technical Education (CTE) Teachers
CTE Teacher, Automotive Technology
CTE Teacher, Business
CTE Teacher, Childcare
CTE Teacher, Computer Technology
CTE Teacher, Construction
CTE Teacher, Culinary
CTE Teacher, Hospitality
CTE Teacher, Multimedia Production
CTE Teacher, Web Design & 3D Animation

Certificated Management
Administrator, Alternative Education
Assistant Principal, Alternative Education
Assistant Principal, Special Education
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Assistant Superintendent, Special Education
CTE Coordinator, Alternative Education
Curriculum Coordinator-English Learner Specialist
Curriculum Specialist, Career Development
Deputy Superintendent
Director, Alternative Education
Director, Innovation & Partnerships
Foster Youth Services Coordinator
Mental Health Services Coordinator
Principal, Alternative Education
Principal, Special Education
Program Coordinator I
Program Coordinator II, NCBTP
Regional Curriculum Coordinator, NCBTP
Regional Director I
Regional Director II, Educational Services
Regional Director II
School Psychologist II
SELPA Director
SELPA Program Specialist

Permit Teacher
Permit Teacher
TALLK Coach Permit Teacher

Psychologist Intern
Psychologist Intern
School Social Worker Intern