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Leadership Initiatives

A Long-term Commitment

The Sonoma County Office of Education has along-term commitment to addressing equity issues in Sonoma County schools and communities. The county Office of Education is also organizing trips to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in 2017-18 for any Sonoma County educators who wish to attend. SCOE's Educational Support Services department is working closely with the National Equity Project to develop its own capacity to support schools and districts in this work.

Prior Events

Equity at the Core: February 9-10, 2016

This first-ever conference, for educators and community members alike, drew more than 200 participants and focused on developing and implementing best practices to eliminate gaps in achievement and improve access for students from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In an effort to respond to the Portrait of Sonoma County, commissioned by the Board of Supervisors in 2014, the conference hosted a variety of workshops on the second day that highlighted local and regional organizations and agencies that are already engaged in the work of equity in our communities and schools. SCOE's goal was for attendees to leave the conference having been challenged to commit to the courageous work of addressing equity issues in our schools and communities and with the knowledge that they have resources to support this work.

Event Resources

Portrait of Sonoma Portrait of Sonoma
Event Agenda
Empathy Prompts
Participant Survey

Presenter Materials

Jeff Duncan Andrade | Presentation Slides
Shawn Ginwright | Presentation Slides
Francisco Reveles | Presentation Slides
Zaretta Hammond | Presentation Slides
Phyllis Rosenfield (LfaC) | Overview of Listening for a Change
Listening for a Change (LfaC) | Restorative Practice Sheet
Brian Farragher | Presentation Slides
Stephen Jackson | Integrated Instruction Materials

Other Resources


"An old saying goes, 'We do better when we all do better.' If schools and community agencies in Sonoma County were to embrace this notion, it would demand the acknowledgment that we have much work to do to improve educational outcomes and secure bright futures for all of our students."
—This is an excerpt from a commentary on equity in our schools by SCOE's Director of Leadership Development Karen McGahey. Get inspired by reading this call to action.


  • Karen McGahey, Director, Leadership Development
    (707) 522-3330,
  • Christine Vasquez, Event Planner (Admin Program Tech II)