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MARS Tasks

These formative performance assessment tasks were designed by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS), a project of UC Berkeley, Michigan State, and the Shell Centre in Nottingham England. The tasks provide a platform for professional development in schools and districts as they implement the Common Core State Standards. The tasks can be used to promote discussion about student work and real performance data.

MARS Tasks by Grade Level

Second Grade (pdf)
Third Grade (pdf)
Fourth Grade (pdf)
Fifth Grade (pdf)
Sixth Grade (pdf)
Seventh Grade (pdf)
Eighth Grade (pdf)
High School Course 1 (pdf)
High School Course 2 (pdf)

For the complete resource packet for each task (including the task, rubric, anchor papers, and implications for instruction), visit the Noyce Foundation website. Additional lessons, tasks, and tests may also be found at the Mathematics Assessment Project website.

SCOE has permission from the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) to host the 2005-09 tasks on our website for non-commercial educational use.


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