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The SCOE Bulletin published three to four times per year and distributed to teachers and administrators throughout Sonoma County.

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Trauma-Informed Teaching: Knowing Our Students' Stories and Fostering Resilience | January 2017
In this SCOE Bulletin, local educational leaders and community experts weigh in on trauma-informed care, providing information on how teachers, after-care providers, and other caregivers can be better prepared to deal with negative behavior and improve outcomes for their neediest children .


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Digital Citizenship: Fostering positive online behavior | October 2016
Increasingly, schools are being called on to foster digital citizenship in their students. This broad term generally refers to the behaviors, choices, and ethics a person applies when using technology. While it's rare for students NOT to use technology in the classroom these days, they're not always taught the safest or most responsible ways to use that technology. This month's Bulletin provides detailed information on how to incorporate this important subject across grade levels.


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The Changing Needs of Sonoma County Students | April 2016
In a historic shift in focus, California's Local Control Funding Formula calls for schools to develop programs that specifically help three key student groups: English learners, foster youth, and low income students. This award-winning edition of the SCOE Bulletin takes a look at these key student groups and provides insight on how educators can best serve them.


Equity Bulletin

Equity in Our Schools | February 2016
The February edition of the SCOE Bulletin explores the timely concept of equity in education. Learn how the LCAP calls for equity of instruction, read examples of concrete steps Sonoma County school districts are taking to make this happen, and read about a new approach to community-building and discipline that many educators are embracing: Restorative Practices.


SCOE Bulletin, April 2015

Test Scores & Beyond | October 2015
The results of the first Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium tests are in, leaving many parents and educators anxious about how to interpret the results and utilize them to improve student learning. SCOE's October Bulletin tackles many of those questions and concerns, providing in-depth information about how to interpret scores and communicate about them to parents.


SCOE Bulletin, April 2015

CTE for the 21st Century | April 2015
This issue of the SCOE Bulletin looks at how Career Technical Education (CTE) is changing. Integrated programs, added rigor, and new grant support are creating a framework for the future.


Science Student

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) | Jan 2015
Begin exploring the NGSS in this issue of the SCOE Bulletin. Find out how Sonoma County is preparing for NGSS implementation and learn how two teams of teachers are helping lead the way.


2014 Archive

Design Thinking

Design Thinking | Oct 2014
This SCOE Bulletin highlights design thinking as a way to find solutions to the issues facing education today. It is an innovative approach to problem solving that both students & adults can use.


Planning Tool

Leading Change | April 2014
Learn how Sonoma County teachers and administrators are building their capacity to lead Common Core Standards implementation at their sites.


Social Media

Social Media | Jan 2014
What can social media do for your school, your students, and you? Find out in this issue, then join the conversation.


2013 Archive

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Arts Integration and the Common Core | Nov 2013
This SCOE Bulletin highlights arts integration as a strategy to fully engage students in learning aligned with the Common Core.


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Focus on 21st century skills | April-May 2013
This year, SCOE launched an initiative to focus on 21st century teaching and learning. This SCOE Bulletin highlights this effort and provides examples from local schools.


2012 Archive

Cradle to Career

Cradle to Career | Oct 2012
What would it look like if an entire community made educational attainment and support of youth its top priority? This SCOE Bulletin explores Sonoma County’s Cradle to Career initiative and the cross-sector connections it is creating.



Teacher Effectiveness | April 2012
As part of a cross-county project, local districts are exploring strategies for developing and evaluating teacher effectiveness. This SCOE Bulletin provides background on this effort.


Rincon Valley Team

Lessons from the Leadership Network | Jan-Feb 2012
The Sonoma Leadership Network identified key best practices for improving schools and is helping put those practices into action.


2011 Archive

Reading, Writing & the Common Core | Nov-Dec 2011
This publication takes a closer look at the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, and the relationship of those standards to literacy learning across the curriculum. | Read

Transitional Kindergarten | Sept-Oct 2011
In this SCOE Bulletin, the new legislation mandating Transitional Kindergarten is explained and two local programs, KinderSKOR in Windsor and Kinderprep in Healdsburg, are profiled. | Read

Formative Assessment | April 2011
This SCOE Bulletin explores formative assessment and the important role it plays in improving instruction and advancing student learning. | Read | Activity Guide | Self-Study Survey | Related Videos: Student Interviews | Questioning | Verbal Exit Cards | Whiteboards

Common Core Standards | Feb 2011
This publication provides background information about the common core standards and highlights key components of the new English language arts and mathematics standards. | Read

2010 Archive

Achievement and School Culture | Dec 2010
This SCOE Bulletin introduces Dr. Anthony Muhammad's ideas about the connection between highly effective schools and their faculty culture. Video clips, an activity guide, and a self-study survey are available for schools interested in further study of this topic. | Read | Activity Guide | Self-Study Survey | Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Distinguished Schools | May 2010
Meet our county's ten Distinguished Schools and learn about the signature practices that characterize these exemplary sites. | Read

Student Engagement | March 2010
Strategies for increasing the quality and quantity of student response are highlighted in this SCOE Bulletin. The accompanying video shows the use of rehearsal strategies in a fourth-grade classroom. | Read | Watch

PLC Teams | January 2010
Learn about the power of high-performing Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams and how they can result in improved learning. The video shows a team from Whited School in a PLC meeting. | Read | Watch

2009 Archive

Student Interviews | November 2009
Interviews can challenge our assumptions about what students know and lead teachers to adjust instruction. Learn more and watch a video of students explaining their understanding of equivalency. | Read | Watch

AVID Strategies | October 2009
AVID is closing the achievement gap and making college accessible to all. Five key AVID strategies are explained in this issue of the SCOE Bulletin. The accompanying videos show two strategies in action at Roseland University Prep. | Read | Watch: Socratic Seminar | Watch: Philosophical Chairs

Data-Driven Decision-Making | September 2009
This publication presents an overview of how educators can use data to make instructional decisions. Four related videos show how assessment data can be accessed and analyzed using technology tools. | Read | Watch: CST | Watch: CELDT | Watch: Formative Assessment | Watch: DIBELS

Data Trends | August 2009
This issue presents an analysis of Sonoma County's enrollment and achievement numbers and highlights some issues the numbers have raised for educators and the community at large. | Read

J.X. Wilson School | March 2009
J.X. Wilson School has implemented an improvement strategy that has yielded impressive results for its diverse student population. This issue profiles the school's action plan. | Read

Tackling Text | January 2009
SCOE language arts specialist Lynn Fitzpatrick provides ideas for what teachers can do before, during, and after a lesson to enhance reading comprehension among upper elementary and secondary students. | Read

2008 Archive

Response to Intervention (RTI) | December 2008
This SCOE Bulletin introduces the key ideas of Response to Intervention and the RTI pilot program under way in Sonoma County. | Read | Related Videos

Improvement Strategies | November 2008
Three elements of school improvement are discussed: increasing teacher knowledge and skill, building student engagement in learning, and providing challenging academic content. | Read

PLC Series: Stephanie Hirsh | May 2008
Staff development expert Dr. Stephanie Hirsh helped redefine what we mean by high-quality professional development by discussing the L in PLC. | Read | Watch

PLC Series: Tim Brown | Mar 2008
PLC practitioner Tim Brown explored strategies for closing the knowing-doing gap, building consensus, providing intervention, and maintaining accountability. | Read | Watch

2007 Archive

PLC Series: Douglas Reeves | Dec 2007
Based on 2007 research findings involving hundreds of thousands of students, Dr. Reeves identified critical factors for closing the implementation gap. | Read | Watch

PLC Series: Tom Many | Nov 2007
Dr. Many described how local educators can close the knowing-doing gap by creating PLCs and utilizing teacher collaboration to boost student achievement. | Read | Watch

PLC Series: Mike Schmoker | Oct 2007
Dr. Schmoker explains how school improvement requires the implementation of basic, agreed-upon practices and leadership structures. | Read | Watch