Sonoma County Office of Education

SCOE Employee Center

Special Education Handbook

These resources are for SCOE Special Education teachers. All documents are formatted as PDFs. For additional SCOE forms, please see the Forms and Policies page

Important Contacts, 2016-17
   SCOE Contacts

Staff Information

   AESOP Phone Instructions
   AESOP Tips
   Leave Guidelines
   Staff Absences

Class Supplies & Funds
   Cash Advance to Teachers
   Class Supply Money
   Classroom Supplies

Conference and Travel
   Conferences and Mileage
   Conference and Travel Claim Procedures
   Conference and Travel Expense Claim 2016
Conference and Travel Expense Claim 2017
   Conference Attendance Request
   Guidelines for Conference Attendance
   SCOE Policy on Travel and Travel Expenses

Classroom Visitors
   Classroom Visitor Registration
   Guidelines for Classroom Visitors

Collection Strategy for Forms
   Checklist for Back-to-School Forms

   Communications from Teachers to the Community

Complaint Procedure
   SCOE Policy on Complaints by the Public
   Uniform Complaint

Department Standards
   Special Ed Standards & Confidentiality

   Contribution, Gift or Donation Questionnaire
   Gifts and Donations
   SCOE Policy on Contributions, Gifts and Donations

Emergency Information
   Earthquake Drills
   Earthquake Guidelines
   Earthquake Preparedness Checklist
   Emergency Bin Supply Form
   Emergency Bins
   Emergency Phone Number Chart
   Emergency Preparedness Introduction
   Fanny Packs and First Aid Kits
   Health and Safety Hazards
   Radio and Television Station Guide
   School Closure Disaster Protocols
   Universal Precautions

IEP Procedures
   DIS Teachers at IEP Meetings
   IEP Exit Procedures

   Guidelines for Showing Movies

Program Descriptions
   SCOE Program Descriptions

Region Meetings
   Notice Regarding Region Meetings

Sanitary Supplies
   Ordering Sanitary Supplies

Sexual Harassment
   SCOE Policy on Sexual Harassment
   Sexual Harassment Complaint

Teacher Schedules
   Class Schedule Memo
   Class Schedule by Day of Week/Hour
   Class Schedule by Time Period
   Transportation CBA/CBI Calendar

Teaching Assistant Information

Annual Goals
Floating Holidays
Lunch, Duty-Free
Lunch, Non-Duty-Free
Substitute Premium Pay


Behavioral Emergency Report
CBI Expenditure Record
Conference and Travel Expense Claim 2016
Conference and Travel Expense Claim 2017
Conference Attendance Request
Contribution, Gift or Donation Questionnaire
Emergency/Medical Information
Off Campus Activity: Administrator Approval
Off Campus: Community-Based Activity
Off Campus: Community-Based Activity - Spanish
Off Campus: General Parent Consent
Off Campus: Walking Activity
Photo/Information Release Form
Purchase Requisition
Sexual Harassment Complaint
Student Event Form
Student Injury Report
Supplemental Pay Authorization
Suspension: Parent Notification Form
Suspension: Teacher Record of Student Suspension
Uniform Complaint