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About the Lab

The Sonoma County Office of Education’s Mobile Learning Lab, conceived by teacher-leaders and built by students, provides a one-of-a-kind learning space for schools around Sonoma County. This remodeled cargo trailer enables learning in dynamic settings that can energize and inspire teachers and students alike. The lab can serve as an outdoor learning venue for students on a field trip, or as a pop-up lab for STEAM and make activities at a school site. The lab can host professional learning experiences and allow teachers to meet in a variety of unique settings.

The Mobile Learning Lab was built by Rancho Cotate High School Students in 2017-18, with financial and in-kind support from The Teachers Guild, The Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools, SCOE's Educational Support Services Department, and One Workplace.

Mobile Learning Lab Features

  • Mobility: Trailer on wheels can be towed to any location for a "pop-up" learning experience
  • Solar-Powered: equipped with solar panels, the lab will have the capability of being fully powered by solar when another power source is not readily available
  • Multimedia: A big-screen TV allows for multimedia presentations
  • Dimensions: The lab is an 8 x 21 foot cargo trailer that is designed to expand out into the environment with seating and a shade structure.
  • Seating: The lab is equipped with seating to comfortably accommodate up to 30 participants and can support even larger groups if the venue has additional seating.
Rancho Cotate Students stand by the Mobile Learning Lab

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Using the Lab

Please contact Dan Blake at for more information on renting the Mobile Learning Lab for your school or district.

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