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LCAP 360 1The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) represents a major change in how California supports local education agencies. It provides new decision-making authority to districts, empowering them to act based on the needs they see for students and provides for increased opportunities to close the achievement gap. This shifts the state from treating school funding as “input to support students” to “resources that are linked to performance expectations.”

Complementing these changes is the newly revised Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is the Funding Formula’s vehicle for transparency, equity in opportunity, and engagement. Through the development of their LCAPs, districts are expected to articulate and share their performance data, needs, actions, and anticipated outcomes that are guiding their use of state funding. Performance data is gathered from a variety of sources including the California School Dashboard which reports on both state and local indicators.

California School Dashboard

Blog: The California School Dashboard
Learn about the new California School Dashboard and find out about its relationship to Local Control Accountability Planning in this blog post by Rick Phelan.

Webinar: California School Dashboard for Charter Schools
This webinar, available on YouTube, provides an in-depth overview of the California School Dashboard for charter schools.

Download a pdf version of the slides here: Slides: The California School Dashboard for Charter Schools (pdf)

LCAP Resources

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The Sonoma County Office of Education LCAP has been approved and is available online (pdf)

SCOE now offers customized LCAP support services to districts, including services such as informational presentations to school boards, community groups, and teacher groups regarding LCAP; facilitation of leadership team meetings; and one-on-one support for leaders of LCAP district-level teams. Contact Anna Moore at or (707) 522-3209.