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Planning Graphic The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) represents a major change in how California supports local education agencies. It provides new decision-making authority to districts, empowering them to act based on the needs they see for students. This shifts the state from treating school funding as “input to support students” to “resources that are linked to performance expectations.”

Complementing these changes is the newly required Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is the Funding Formula’s vehicle for transparency and engagement. Through the development of their LCAPs, districts are expected to articulate and share the performance data, needs, actions, and anticipated outcomes that are guiding their use of state funding.

2016 Resources

Resources from LCAP Workshop, March 31, 2016

Resources from LCAP Workshop, February 22, 2016

Resources from LCAP Workshop, December 5, 2015

Presentation Slides (ppt, 45.3 MB) | Download as PDF (4 MB)
Annual Update Crossover (pdf)
Sample MPP Calculation (xls)
Annual Audit Guide (pdf)

Additional Resources

CFJ Toolkit for Student Engagement
EdSource LCFF Guide
LCAP Actions and Services Leading and Lagging
LCAP Outcome Prioritization Worksheet, WestEd (pdf)
LCAP Services/Actions Prioritization Worksheet, WestEd (pdf)
LCAP Goals and Supplemental/Concentration Expenditures, Shasta COE (pdf)
Plan Alignment Worksheet (docx)
Single Plan aligned to LCAP, Madera COE (doc)
LCAP aligned to Board, LEA, and Single Plan Goals, Shasta COE (doc)
LCAP Logic Model (docx)
LCAP Implementation Monitoring Plan, Shasta COE (xlsx)
LCAP Metric Monitoring Plan, Shasta COE (xlsx)
ACLU Stakeholder Engagement Requirements

Approved District LCAPs
The Sonoma County school district LCAPS that have been approved by SCOE are now available online.

Approved Sonoma County Office of Education LCAP
The Sonoma County Office of Education LCAP has been approved and is available online (pdf).

LCAP Metrics Resources (Data Sources) | Link
In their analysis of need, districts are required to include the data points that are named in the legislation. SCOE is providing assistance to help districts access the metrics specified in the law. The data will be available by district and/or school as appropriate. Check our new LCAP Metrics page frequently as this information is still under development and being updated frequently.

Custom LCAP Support
SCOE now offers customized LCAP support services to districts, including services such as informational presentations to school boards, community groups, and teacher groups regarding LCAP; facilitation of leadership team meetings; and one-on-one support for leaders of LCAP district-level teams. Contact Anna Moore at or (707) 522-3209.