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TitleTopic Area Start Date
CANMEE Conference Mathematics 04/21/2017
Jo Boaler's Online Math Course Mathematics 10/05/2016
Activating Collaboration and Critical Thinking with Breakout EDU - CANCELLED Technology for Learners 02/28/2017
California School Dashboard 101 (Choose one) Technology for Learners 03/06/2017
Evernote - Awesome Tool for Electronic File Management Technology for Learners 03/14/2017
Building a Better IEP SELPA 05/10/2017
Differential Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Intervention SELPA 03/08/2017
Managing Serious Behavior (MSB), Part 1 SELPA 04/27/2017
Managing Serious Behavior (MSB), Part 2 SELPA 04/28/2017
Professional Development for IEP Interpreters SELPA 04/20/2017
SEIS Refresher Course SELPA 03/09/2017
SEIS Refresher Course SELPA 04/06/2017
SLP Collaborative SELPA 03/02/2017
SLP Collaborative SELPA 04/04/2017
SLP Collaborative SELPA 05/04/2017
Writing Meaningful and Compliant IEPs for the SLP SELPA 03/14/2017
CSET Test Prep Classes Other Opportunities 12/05/2016
LCAP 101 Other Opportunities 12/12/2016
LCAP Workshop: Putting It All Together (session for Medium-Large Districts / 1000 or more students) Other Opportunities 03/09/2017
LCAP Workshop: Putting It All Together (session for Small Districts / under 1000 students) Other Opportunities 03/08/2017
Mindset Symposium Other Opportunities 04/06/2017
New Legislation for Board Members Other Opportunities 03/09/2017
Substitute Orientation Other Opportunities 03/08/2017
The Brown Act Workshop Other Opportunities 02/28/2017
Understanding the California School Dashboard Other Opportunities 03/08/2017
Health Education Online Course Beginning Teacher 01/01/2017
EL Collaborative, 2016-17 EL Workshops 10/25/2016
Sonoma Leadership Network: Culturally Responsive Teaching for Deeper Learning Leadership 09/09/2016
Building a Preschool Community: Social Science Foundations Preschool 03/23/2017
21st Century Teaching & Learning Summer Institute 21st Century Learning 06/06/2017
ieSonoma 2017 21st Century Learning 06/12/2017
reMAKE Education Summit 2017 21st Century Learning 08/02/2017
Arts Integrated Curriculum Common Core 01/23/2017
Foundations for Young Learners Transitional Kindergarten 02/07/2017
Foundations for Young Learners Transitional Kindergarten 04/04/2017
TK Network 2016-17 Transitional Kindergarten 09/06/2016
Counselor Network: Spring 2017 Career and College Readiness 04/06/2017
Learn Design Thinking Career and College Readiness 04/28/2017